• Yes all his fault

    Notice how trump did absolutely nothing after the Florida shooting despite how many students were protesting and David Hogg kept asking him to do something and all the students were on his side protesting for gun control! What did trump do? Absolutely nothing he just mocked David Hogg a school shooting survivor!

  • . . .

    . . . No. . . No. . . No just. . . No this is as dumb as when Obama would blame the people for school shootings and when he would say “this is going to keep happening unless you guys do something about it. ” When he would constantly use those school shooter stories to advocate for gun control. Good grief gun control doesn’t work most of the shootings are used with illegally owned guns so gun control would not have worked. As far as March for our lies, Yes we know children are indoctrinated by the lunatic liberal schools run by the government what’s your point?

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