The schooling system should be based off of collaboration instead of competition

  • Competitive environments are detrimental

    In countries like Finland, This theory has already been proven. They rely on students working for each other instead of against eachother, The total productivity has all ready increased exponentially, With their education systems comming on top of the leaderboards this year. In countries like South Korea where intense pressure is put on students to succeed, We already see suicide rates topping for students. The competition is incredibly detrimental to a childs mental and physical health.

  • Competition breeds chaos. -> hate, Jealousy, Every person for themselves

    Yes, The school system should be more about collaboration & working together. Rather than, Competition & seeing who is the best as this will definitely lead to jealousy, Self-doubt and many other unfortunate emotions at one point or another. I believe that schools are a foundation, A birth place of opportunities for many kids/individuals who perhaps grew up/came from a place of the opposite: war/third-world issues/broken homes. So, My point is instead of adding on to what is already wrong with the world, We have the choice to make things right and that is to wonder & ask these types of questions. Clearly. Furthermore, I believe that the idea of implementing team-work/group activities would not only strengthen the idea of working together but also encourage people to have a more positive outlook on life. That, It's really about helping each other because we all want the same thing and that's to be happy.

  • Students won't try hard if it is all about collaboration instead of competition

    Why does competition exist? It is to give discrimination power between students. I'm not saying that we shouldn't collaborate, But if it's all collaboration, Who would go to good universities and who will have a better job? After all, At the end it only leaves competition alone. Yes, The world is 'cold' and there is no mercy if you make a mistake. But that is the reason why we compete. To make better results. To be 'perfect'.

  • The schooling system teaches both!

    Schools are supposed to teach both collaboration and competition. We need to collaborate with others because we are social beings. As for competition, It is human to compete, That's how there are rich, Poor, And middle class. Humans are wired to try compete for supremacy over one another, And it is wrong to take away competition, As that is how communism failed. Humans are a mix of beings who collaborate to reach a common goal while competing for supremacy over each other.

  • It is neither.

    Been a long time since I went to school but I'm pretty sure it's still based on education. Sure, Individual grades matter because companies and colleges hire/admit individuals and not groups unless you count outside companies that already exist. Thing is, Many classes also include group/team activities.
    Of course working as a group works. The best are the ones leading the group so everyone within does better with their leadership.
    I think the lack of competition is more to blame. Today, We have schools that don't keep score and just give out trophies/ribbons to all participants equally. Thing is, Competition will exist later in life, Especially in the real world. Competition in school builds a resistance to the stresses or wanting to be the best and failure to do so. We learn to shrug it off and prepare for the next time. Problem is, If a kid never experience competition or failure before, They have no idea how to cope with it in the real world where entry into college or a job is a real issue. Instead of moving on to another college/job, They can end up feeling lost and without hope as all their dreams are destroyed.

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