• I am Pro-Gun but can understand your point of view.

    The second amendment, The right to bear arms is about having the best odds of defense. Even though its not directly stated the large argument is against the ownership of an AR-15. Just as a side not the AR in AR-15 does not stand for Assault Rifle it stands for Armalite the original manufacturer. Also the definition of assault rife, According to google is "An assault rifle is a selective-fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. ". An AR-15 is not selective fire. A large variety of rifles use intermediate cartridge with detachable magazines. Whilst ownership of an assault rifle is possible, It is largely not economically viable as there are many additional cost associated with owning them. The people who go through the trouble to own them are not criminals just enthusiasts. Going back to the topic of defense I've had more than one gun related death in my family. In a couple of the instances had they had a gun they may very well may still be here today. The people that used guns against already weren't law abiding citizens, They had fortified their right to own guns long ago but like most criminals they have a way of getting around the law. To ban the second amendment is to turn those who have a chance of defending themselves into victims. Call me a criminal or what you want because if this gun ban goes into law I will not forfeit my firearms all because people want to have a false sense of safety.

  • We should Protect ourselves

    If you get rid of the second ammendment then you get rid of the most effective way for Americans to defend their homes, Their family, And themselves. You could argue that there are other ways to defend yourself but are you really going to have time to grab a knife from the kitchen to protect yourself from someone who just broke into your house. It is messed up that you would try and take away someones right to defned themselves.

  • It's a fundamental right

    The first ten amendments, Known as the Bill of Rights, Is considered more important than any of the other Amendments (save for the 13th and other slavery amendments). There will always be a black market. As soon as you shut one outlet down, Another pops up. Even if we outlaw guns, "the bad guys" will still have them. This leaves good, Honest, Law-abiding citizens vulnerable and unable to thwart robberies and defend their homes, Themselves, And their, Families.
    In Chicago, Where anti-gun legislation has been ratified, Crime and shootings are only much worse. Gun control solves nothing.

  • 2nd amendment is one of our essential liberties

    The constitution clearly states “the people have the right keep and bear arms”. Trying to implement any law that strip any constitutional right away without due process is unconstitutional. With all of that being said I’m sure we can all agree schools need better security to prevent tragedies from occurring.

  • Try looking for new angles to approach problems before resorting to changing the ultimate law of the land.

    Other, Better solutions to the problem of mass shootings other than "let's go against the spirit and/ or letter of the law that is the Constitution of the United States of America" DO exist!

    We should have our news networks focus on the victims of the shootings and not the perpetrators, We should make sure that if our fellow Americans exhibit behavior that's linked to mental illness they can have easy and affordable access to the help they likely need, And we make sure that instead of shunning and bullying the mentally ill we stand by them and make they know that they are appreciated.

    Because if we resort to the Far Left's solution of changing the Constitution to allow them to ban firearms, We would be telling the Bigots on the Far Right that they can change the constitution to make anyone who isn't a white Christian an enemy of the state, And render the United States no better at letting people have their basic human rights than Germany was when Adolf Hitler was in charge.

  • I am VERY Pro-Gun.

    The constitution of the United States, Which is; in my opinion, The best country in the world, Affords its citizens more freedoms and liberties than any other country. One of the most important being the right to keep and bear arms. This is not only one of the fundamental rights of a citizen as recognized by the constitution, But it is perhaps the most important one there is. It is there to protect all other amendments. It is there to protect the people from criminals, From other nations, And most importantly, From their own government. The founding fathers knew that even they themselves could one day become tyrants. So they put this amendment in place to keep themselves and future presidencies in check. If the government overreaches, The people push back. We will not yield to tyranny, Or any other threat that this great nation may face. A well regulated militia, Being necessary to the security of a free state, The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. PERIOD.

  • Just do it

    Very hypocritical people in the Yes side. You claim you want to stop shootings, But you want to do nothing. All talk.
    Lets have some regulations on gun laws. NO that is unconstitutional lets help mentally ill people instead.
    Okay lets have universal or affordable healthcare for everyone especially the mentally ill. NO THATS SOCIALISM! Don't you dare help those poor bums!
    There is no working with you people because you resist change. Your "holy" constitution did not protect black people or women in the past. It took a lot of work to change the unjust laws in the constitutions. And you still are complaining that you lost your jim crow laws.
    If this nation refuses to change we will be doomed to fail. You want to artificially keep coal power alive on life support, And refuse to fund education at the cost of your children's future. You would rather every person owned guns than own books or healthcare or a toilet.
    This nation will fall in a few decades because of you.

  • It needs to be updated

    It was made so that people could have guns to protect themselves. America back then was very dangerous. You had no army no police and were under the threat of being attacked by french or Indians or any other nation.
    Now everything is pretty tame. Unless you live in some remote area where you have to battle bears or wolves.
    We NEED SOME form of regulation.
    A radical Muslim can buy a gun. A mentally unstable dude can buy a gun. A crazy ptsd dishonorably discharged soldier can buy guns. That weird disgruntled guy can buy guns.

    And worst of all people who fail background checks can buy secondhand guns. Criminals use this option.
    I just want those people not to have guns. I do not care if you like to hunt or shoot at a range. Keep your guns. I just want crazy johnny not to own one.

    And newsflash guns cannot protect you everything. A measly modified germ can do the job. Can your gun stop radiation. Or an intercontinental package from Russia. No all you can do is shoot flesh. Technology is the threat.

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