The Secret Service was created by Lincoln on the day he was assassinated: Is the Secret Service a reliable agency?

  • Yes, the Secret Service is a reliable agency designed to protect the government's leaders.

    Yes, the Secret Service provides a valuable and reliable service to provide protection to our nation's leaders. As more and more threats are made on the lives of government officials, this agency's services, expertise and knowledge is absolutely necessary to ensure safety for these individuals and their families within the United States and overseas.

  • Yes, i agree.

    Yes, it is a reliable agency. Even though it was created by Lincoln on the day that he was assassinated, it is still managed by able leaders who follow the given codes. Therefore the Secret Service agency can be relied upon depending on the related needs. We should not have any doubt.

  • Yes, the Secret Service is a reliable agency.

    Yes, the Secret Service is a reliable agency. While there have been some lapses in performance by the Secret Service, such as in the cases of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, this agency has been largely successful in protecting the lives of the president, his family, and government officials.

  • They provide an abundance of safety

    The secret service is there to protect the president and other high-profile government officials, and for the most part, does a great job. Sure, there have been instances where a person's life was threatened, but considering how many more people would like to harm the President, they do a pretty good job. There are a lot of people with ill-will out there, and the secret service keeps them at bay.

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