The sex offender registry needs to be reformed

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Modernized slavery in America!

    DUI registry? No
    Domestic Violence registry? No
    Murder registry? No
    Bad Parenting registry? No
    Crooked Politician registry? No
    Crooked Police registry? No
    By all means ANY crime deserves justice however why is there a need to punish people twice for the same crime?Ok America lets even the planfield, put my ancestors slave masters family on the registry so I can find them. This is PURE slavery to me!

  • The simple act of sex with a minor should not warrant a place on the list.

    I believe that minors DO have the ability to consent, though I read through the registry and saw that about 30% simply had consensual sex with a minor. Why does that put you in the same place as a rapist? I think that the registry should be reserved for those who actually pose a threat (rapists, molesters, etc.), not someone who had (insert euphemism for sex) with a 15 year old or even an 8 year old.

  • Yes but not a complicated one

    Sex registry should have diffrent "levels" of offence. Some drunk that pees in a park should be a 1 (at most) and say a child rapest at 5. It is pretty bad that at 16 you can send a dirty pic to another 16 year old and be convicted and put on the registry just like a common rapest.

  • We need a contextual approach

    The current sex offender registration is set up in a way that dilutes the public's ability to distinguish who poses actual threats. It operates by, "One size fits all", and that's not true. Offenders like Jerry Sandusky require the harshest restrictions and most intense surveillance whereas instances of 18-year-old guys having sex with their 16-year-old girlfriends do not. We need to operate the registry system on a contextual basis.

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