The Simpsons controversy: Are these controversial issues about the cartoon 'The Simpsons' okay?

  • The Simpsons is Artistic Expression and Social Commentary

    The Simpsons is a show that is designed to have controversy because it is an artistic form of social commentary and satire and therefore the basis of the show is the use of controversial issues that some may find offensive. Freedom of expression is important, and a protected right, primarily so that people can make social and political commentary without fear of reprisal, so The Simpsons should be able to continue on addressing controversial issues as the makers see fit and if someone finds that offensive, they simply need to change the channel.

  • Simpsons shouldnt create controversy.

    There is so much controversy created about cartoons such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, etc. and I truly do think we need to be focusing our time and energy into stressing over something that deserves controversy such as actual real world issues and not cartoons that are shown on fox.

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