The smell of fresh cut grass: Should we try to keep grass from getting distressed?

  • Grass is the most omnipresent reminder of nature

    Even in the concrete jungles that pervade modern life, islands of grass provide a reminder that we are from dust and that we will return to dust. Therefore, grass should be maintained as a way to remind us of our dependence on nature. All of our food is derived from nature and grass is that little reminder of importance of natural world around us.

  • Yes, grass should be valued as much as any other form of life.

    It is my opinion that, as we collectively find out more and more about nature and our place as humans within it, we as a society should rethink the way we treat grass. There have been numerous studies that suggest that plant matter is more aware that we had previously thought, and that plants may even be able to feel pain. Furthermore, it is becoming evident that the smell of freshly cut grass is actually due to the fact that the grass itself is distressed. Consequently it is incumbent upon us to manage our lawns differently in order to prevent the distress and pain of our fellow living creatures.

  • No, we should not try to keep grass from becoming distressed.

    To many people, the smell of fresh-cut grass brings back thoughts of nostalgia and signals the beginning of the springtime in colder climates. Homeowners and owners of other properties should be able to cut their lawns in the way they see fit without being subjected to undue criticism. Anything less would be un-American.

  • Sometimes we should, but not always

    I personally don't like the smell of fresh cut grass, and usually the gas/oil from the lawnmowers is a stronger scent. However in some areas it's not feasible to keep grass from getting distressed. For example in California there are water restrictions, so keeping the grass green isn't a priority. Where water is plentiful, it's not a big deal, so it makes sense to take care of the grass.

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