• Yes, I think so.

    The murder of Joe just gives them cover for spying on people with Brexit political views. But they already were. Self-control from a group that already redefined words to go ahead against previous rejections of Snoopers? Not likely.
    It's not like the law comes first and the surveillance comes second.. the surveillance came first and right now getting this bill passed to make it legal will be top of the surveillance target list.

  • Yes, the UK is sacrificing its privacy

    The UK's new surveillance laws have gone too far. In my opinion, it is never worth sacrificing privacy rights for a promise of temporary security. The general public may feel afraid after recent terrorist attacks in the EU; however, there is no guarantee that the Snooper Charter will do anything to prevent future attacks. There are other ways of ensuring privacy other than stripping away privacy rights.

  • The UK thinks they can CCTV their way out of the problem

    The UK already has more CCTV programs than people, so the problem in the country isn't surveillance. In fact, more surveillance may actually hinder crime fighting because there's too much information out there to sift through. The citizens of the UK need to stand up and tell their government that they will not accept measures that look so much like a police state.

  • They have to take extreme measures.

    No, the United Kingdom is not going too far with the Snooper Charter, because they have to do what they have to do to prevent terrorism. With Brexit, the UK learned that there is terrorism in Europe and that the mainland of Europe is not doing anything about it. They are wise to take measures to protect their people.

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