The Spurs have just hired the NBA's first female assistant coach : Should the NBA hire more female coaches?

  • Yes, women can be anything they please.

    The fact that it has taken them this long to hire a woman is a little disconcerting. We are and have been is an age where we are and should all be equal. They should be looking around the womens retired nba players for grade 'A' could be coaches. These girls have been playing just as long as some male players.

  • Ability Isn't Gender Based

    If the female candidates are experienced and can coach as well as the male candidates, there is no reason for a team to reject a coach just because they are female. Many females have played the sport and would be just as qualified as males to work as an assistant coach.

  • Nobody should care

    This question is similar to: "should hardy's hire men for their commercials?" This question is stated awkwardly, so I'm guessing that 'NBA' means the men's side of it (what most basketball fans watch from my observation). I may be a little sexist, but I wouldn't want a female coaching me, because as a guy I want a male role model, plus I'd find it somewhat degrading to have a female order me around, just my opinion.

  • Hire the best, regardless of gender

    The NBA had aught to hire the best coaches on the market, without taking into count their sex, gender, age, race, religion, eye color, or anything else. The only attribute that should matter is the candidates ability to coach professional basketball. Hiring a basketball coach based on anything OTHER than their ability to coach is discriminatory.

  • The NBA should hire the best person, not the "best" gender.

    While coaching, in all sports, in a historically male dominated profession, the problem is not fixed by enacting hiring practices that are gender focused. Rather than try to fill some imagined or legislated quota, leading to qualified and unqualified woman coaches alike, getting placed into coaching positions, the NBA needs to focusing on hiring the person with the best past performance record and proven ability to lead a team team to victory.

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