The standard of indian sports would have been higher without internal politics

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  • Malpractices in sports

    Indian sports councils are all infested with favouritsm in selection( wether in the the playing squads or for the captaincy) and groupism amongst players.
    The sense of playing as a team has totally been discarded by the players especially the ones who are said to be the seniors. They have developed what people are now calling a miniature model of the indian scenario where they are grouping theselves on any basis one can think of. Moreover the major posts in the sports councils are also also urging people to get into this dirty game. The candidates for the posts promote the abovementioned practices just to strenghthen their vote bank(voting for the post of president of a council etc.). And when they win the election they are kind of indebted to the ones who voted for them. Thus their actions are based on the wishes of those who voted for them. This often portrays the voters as seeking favours from a boss who is dependent on their votes to hold on to their post for another tenure.

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