The statute of limitations for forcible sex crimes should be eliminated.

Asked by: ladiesman
  • It's still a crime

    It doesn't matter how long ago somebody was molested or raped, a crime is still a crime. Some Nazi war criminals were not brought to justice until decades after their crimes were committed, but they were still prosecuted in the end. Why should sex crimes be any different? It's not fair for victims to see their aggressors get off because of statute of limitations.

  • Rape is Rape. It doesn't matter when it happened

    Rape is rape. Whether it happened two days ago or 20 years ago, it still happened. In the 50's when racism was much more common, and you were African American and where sexually assaulted, the police wouldn't try and pursue your case seriously. Some people assaulted are too afraid to come forward, or can't come forward do to disabilities. We need to acknowledge all assaults whether they happed years and years ago or a few days ago.

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