• Our economy is improving, slowly

    Due to the procedures carried out by the Federal Reserve, interest rates have been kept low, which causes more people to invest in capital, labor, and land, rather than making monetary investments, such as in the stock market. Because these investments in capital goods and labor and land are increasing, this will drive long term growth of our economy.

  • Yes, it is improving

    I feel that the stock market and our economy is improving but it is at a very slow rate. I think it is going to take a lot more time but that things are finally starting to turn around. Unemployment claims seem to be going down and the stock market seems to be more steady.

  • The economy is improving

    The economy is improving slowly. The stock market has its ups and downs as always, as is the nature of the financial game. The world keeps turning and fuels the economy to keep the cycle moving. We are in a struggling phase right now but I believe we have turned a corner along the road to recovery.

  • The economy is improving in the USA

    The economy is improving in the USA for sure. The stock market has recently hit new highs, people are starting to buy more, and less homes are being foreclosed on. There is slowly relief coming back to common citizens as hiring is up as well as home sales across many parts of the country.

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