The Strain: Are new TV shows taking America's obsession with vampires too far?

  • TV shows are taking America's obsession with vampires too far

    TV shows are taking America's obsession with vampires too far. Over the past decade, tv shows have gone a lot more rampant when it comes with the obsession of vampires. The tv shows that portray vampires today are a lot more crazier in content than 10 or 20 years ago. It seems that the American public is never content with the regular stuff and require a lot more crazier ideas and actors.

  • Yes, I believe they are.

    While this show seems to be more about deadly vampires and not about romantic inner lives of vampires, it is still taking the genre way too far. I think we will see this show fail because truly no one cares this much about creatures that do not exist in the world.

  • Enough with the vampires

    Vampire movies used to have a certain allure to them, they provided a glimpse into the vampire's lives. Now, every other show is about vampires and there are all kinds of different theories about them, they went from being dark, mysterious creatures to commonplace and too nice. They were given personalities, emotions, feelings that the traditional vampires simply just do not have.

  • America's TV Obsession with Vampires has Gone Too Far

    As every new tv season arrives, there seems to be recurrent themes. The past few years' theme has been vampires and it has gone way too far. It seems like every new show involves vampires, blood and gore, and silly story lines. Let's return to stories about real life not vampire fantasy.

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