• Newspaper are better than television.

    When we read in newspapers, We can learn many new things about the society. Newspaper always write about the society and sometimes about the entertainments. We can learn many things from newspaper. We can widen our knowledge about the society. And in newspaper, We only focus in the content. T. V also bring you the good things but it have both the sound and the image so people get difficult to understand the content because they just concentrate in the sound and the pictures.

  • The newspaper is better

    When we read something we remember it more. This makes us understand what is being said more than when we watch something. The newspaper helps us to understand things more than when we watch television. So that is all I have to say for now because I can't say anything more.

  • They serve different purposes, And are both equally necessary

    News papers are the primary source for small scale local news, High integrity and essential sources for national and international TV news networks. TV on the other hand is a form of mass communication, A means by which news can be spread very far very fast. - - - -

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