The term "bleeding heart liberal" is offensive, Instead call it Compassion for the Suffering and Less Fortunate,

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  • Terms will change based on position.

    The term "bleeding heart liberal", I assume, Is one that commits to insult or defame the passion of the liberal it is suggested towards. It may be rude to use such a term, But by no means should you expect a person of opposing ideology to forfeit their own terminology to support your own. In the case of two people of same ideology, Then it should be expected or at least standard that the two individuals should utilize language that neither find rude. If a liberal were to refer to another liberal as a "bleeding hear liberal" instead of a compassionate or passionate liberal, Then I could see how that would be rude. But no one should submit their vocabulary to an ideology that they wouldn't submit themselves to.

  • Faux compassion isn't compassion.

    Liberals only seek to infantilize minorities by constantly telling them hos incredibly oppressed they are and how they can never ever succeed and everything is the white mans fault blablabla. . .

    This isn't helpful, It's at best misplaced compassion that encourages minorities to wallow in despair over how oh so oppressed they are. And at worst it's exploitation.

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