The Term "Racism" is largely being misused in American Society today.

Asked by: Vaulk
  • Yes, Of Course It Is.

    1) Racism: Is To Be Prejudice Against Someone Because Of Their Skin Color/Race. 2) Most Modern Democrats/Liberals Wrongfully Accuse Other People Of Being Racist, Sexist, Intolerant, Etc. Without Having Any PROOF. 3) A Lot Of People Do Not Know The Definition Of Racist At All. 4) No Object Can Be Racist, Only Humans Can Be Racist.

  • It seems that the popular cliche today is to suggest that anything you don't like is "Racist"

    You said something negative about people from Mexico? That's "Racist". You're worried that Radical Muslims might pose a threat to you? That's "Racist". You don't like someone because of what they support? You're obviously "Racist".

    Where did this garbage come from?

    Question: What does your citizenship have to do with your Race?

    Question: What does your Religious Preference have to do with your Race?

    Question: What does your political stance have to do with your Race?

    The simple answer is that all of these things are completely and totally unrelated to Race. There stands heavy and legitimate evidence to suggest that anyone who suggests that these things ARE related...Is Race Baiting...And that ranks higher on the offensive scale than Racists in my book.

  • Boo hoo, mate. (I can smell white tears)

    Sorry to break it to you mate, but the term racism wouldn't be so "largely misused", as you call it, if racism was so present in America. It also depends on what you said about these said "people of Mexico"- and also, by doing that you're taking a single fact and acting like it applies to every Mexican people. Yes, SOME people might be exaggerating SOMETIMES, but if people call you out on racism, maybe you should think twice about what you said.

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