The thousands of U.S. locales where lead poisoning is worse than in Flint: Are US laws too lenient regarding pollution?

  • Yes, US laws are too lenient regarding pollution.

    Though Flint is likely the most well-known, many US cities deal with water and air pollution that endangers the health of its citizens. The fact that nothing has yet been done to correct these situations is evidence of a major problem. Even more alarming is the fact that no one has been punished for poisoning our citizens. Clearly, the laws aren't strong enough.

  • Yes,US laws are too lenient regarding pollution.

    U.S. laws regarding pollution are too lenient. The lead poisoning in Flint is a great example. If the U.S. laws on pollution were harsher the incident in Flint would of never have happened. The environment is crucial to the Eco-system. Many companies that pollute do not face disciplinary action. This encourages their reckless behaviour.

  • Yes, this needs to change.

    There are hundreds of photos of household American water sources visibly tainted by pollution. People who live in cities are no strangers to the frequent boil orders instated after a contamination incident. The U.S. seems to take pollution far too lightly, and in this day and age that should not be an issue. More effort should be put forth to stop this horrifying occurrence.

  • More needs to be done about lead contamination.

    It is unfathomable to think that this county would knowingly let such a health hazard continue to exist. Especially when it is a well known fact that lead poisoning causes learning disabilities in children. We put so much effort into laws that aren't nearly as necessary as the health of our citizens.

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