The time of exciting adventures and expeditions is over.Do you agree?

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  • I think you are bored

    In this life, we are going through time with a lot of activity. We like some, and we dislike the rest. From the time when you was a child, you begin to study and work and finally have a family then in the end you will facing death.
    Life is worth a goal. With no goal, your life would become empty. The time of exciting adventures and expedition might be over the other day. But right now, you have a chance to change it into a spirited will and go back to the time when you feel the adventures and expeditions. Keep your spirit like that, even thought you are not doing it. It will loosen your bored mood. Hope useful :D

  • No there is plenty left to explore:

    There are still parts of the Earth that have not been fully explored, the oceans especially.

    However a great deal of the planet has been changed by humans, trying to make everything safe and easy to get to reducing the adventure/challenge in getting to a lot of places in our everyday live.

    Adventure still exists its just harder for the normal person to find it, assuming they even want to find it or can afford it in the first place.

    Others have no choice they live in dangerous places and have to deal, difficult situations, deal with risks on a daily basis.

    Its just a matter of technology catching up with human ambitions/expectations to allow us to begin exploring the universe perhaps one day even exploring/colonizing other worlds.

    The thing is it wont happen over night, it took humans centuries to explore most of our planet, we have only taken our first steps into space, it could take centuries before we can begin to explore space the way we want.

  • I sure hope not...

    In a world (country) with technology and city lights surrounding you, it does seem that way. Technology has given people the illusion of going on adventures, that's why people enjoy video games so much, it gives the illusion that they are actually doing those things, when in reality they are sitting on a couch. But in other countries, many people do not have those luxuries and have to find adventures of their own which in my mind is much more enthralling.

    I understand why so many people may think that but it all differs on where you live. In older times, there was however more adventure and person to person fun because of the few distractions and nature surrounding them. Things like climbing a tree and playing tag were enough, but sadly those days seem to be getting farther and farther. Not quite gone though, not gone yet.

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