The Times calls for decriminalizing drugs: Should governments decriminalize illegal drugs?

  • Yes, to a certain extent the government should seriously consider decriminalization of illegal drugs.

    I have long believed that drug abuse is a medical problem and should be addressed through medical solutions, rather than punitive action. Though I would not promote the use of drugs for many reasons, I think it would be more beneficial to address the use, distribution and sale of drugs through alternative methods rather than through criminalizing activities that are most prevalent in disenfranchised communities where many lack access to more productive occupations that also produce high income.

  • Illegal drugs should be decriminalized

    Many outlets have stated that the government should completely decriminalize all illegal drugs. The war on drugs have been a compete failure and it did not stop the flow or distribution of drugs in the United States. The government simply shot itself in the foot by not profiting off of it and encouraging illegal action to take place. The government should simply legalize all illegal drugs and let the people decide for themselves, but be taxed for that expense.

  • Yes, illegal drugs should be decriminialized.

    I think governments should consider decriminalizing drugs to alleviate the overcrowding of jails. Further, the drugs that users are putting into their bodies should serve as punishment enough for the behavior. Especially for drugs like marijuana, it simply does not make fiscal sense to jail people for using or distributing.

  • The government should not decriminalize illegal drugs

    Governments should not decriminalize illegal drugs, despite a newspaper urging this action. Many drugs are unsafe and lead to violent behavior. Certain ones alter moods. Having certain drugs readily available will lead to higher addiction rates, greater burden on the health care system, and increased crime rates. Medication should be prescribed and taken responsibly.

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