• Yes, he is.

    Tony Romo is actually worth his $14.5 million salary. This is because he is a decent person and therefore we should not doubt him. In one way or another, no one wants to be judged of how they make their own money or if they are worth it or not.

  • Yes, because he has earned his keep

    Tony Romo is practically a household name, even to people who aren't fans of football. Given his age and past performance, if gratuitous football salaries are going to be distributed then Tony Romo is worth his salary. Football is a harsh sport and often deteriorates the bodies of its players. At least Romo will be able to retire in comfort.

  • No one is worth that much.

    There are many people who want to play in the NFL. If anything, there should be salary caps so that others can have a chance to earn more. There is nothing one person could possibly do for an NFL team that would justify that kind of salary. In Romo's case, the new up and comers are better than he is anyways.

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  • Tony Romo is not now worth his $14.5 million salary

    Whether Tony Romo is worth his $14.5 million salary depends on whether he is playing or not. As it seems he has been designated to backup status, the answer is no, he is not worth $14.5 million. It seems like it is time for the Cowboys to cut bait on this one.

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