The two Koreas will forcibly merged and reunite again?

Asked by: jerickreforba18
  • Say yes to reunification, merge the two Koreas to remove North and depose Kim regime!

    We need to remove North by deposing Kim regime and demolish by Juche Tower and DPRK flag. In some reports from Arirang News, KBS News, MBC News, SBS News and YTN to proceed the reunite of two Koreas says the South Korean president Park Geun-hye. In addition, there will no longer interviewing with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un against merciless by South Korea. The DMZ at the exit gate, land mines are explosive due to accident, says the breaking news. We need to throw and stop the North Korea propaganda broadcast, removal of loudspeakers and shut down North Korea state television to depose and bogged by the South Korean military helped by the United States. Please stop the censorship and erase the dirty country for North! That is my warning opinion.

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