The U.S. economy added 161,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 4.9%. Do you think the economy is improving?

  • Economy Improving Doesn't Mean People Better Off

    The economy is improving but it does not take into account the unequal wealth distribution among Americans. The economy is improving overall in a general sense but on an individual scale, there are huge discrepancies and injustices in wages and standard and quality of living. More needs to happen so everyone can succeed, not just the overall population.

  • Yes, the economy is improving.

    Yes, I believe after seeing that the U.S. economy added 161,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 4.9% that it is improving. It seems that consumers are spending more and small businesses are getting a chance to grow as well. I hope in the next few years the economy can stay on this track.

  • Yes, indicators show that the economy is improving.

    Yes, statistics show that the U.S. economy is improving. More jobs and less unemployment indicate more work availability for those who lost jobs during the recent economic downturn. As those who have been unemployed for so long are finally able to find work again, the increased income stability will only continue to spur economic growth.

  • It has to be if those are the actual statistics.

    We constantly hear that the country is headed in the wrong direction or that we are currently in the worst state that we have ever been in. All you have to do is listen to any part of a Donald Trump rally and you'd think that the United States is burning to the ground. I think that there are problems but we are definitely headed in the right direction.

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