The U.S. has bombed many countries in 2016: Does Obama get too much credit for keeping peace?

  • I think Obama gets too much credit for keeping peace

    Obama has received a lot of negative criticism for not taking a harder stance against terrorism, however he has ordered the bombing of many targets during his time as President. All of this criticism is from Republicans who appose Obama's stance on terrorism and foreign policy. They neglect to consider all the facts.

  • Yes, he has not "kept peace" at all.

    The United States has been at war for every single day of Obama's presidency. He has killed hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent civilians with drone strikes in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia. Anyone who thinks that President Obama has kept peace is grossly uninformed. Having said that, it hasn't all been his fault. He didn't choose to get into the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I believe that he did everything he could to end them in the best way possible.

  • Obama does not get enough credit for peace

    President Obama does not get nearly the credit he deserves for keeping the peace over the last eight years. At the start of his presidency, there were a lot of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has removed most of these troops, and killed bin Laden. There have also not been any major terrorist attacks on the homeland.

  • President Obama gets far too much credit for keeping the peace

    Pres. Obama gets way too much credit for keeping the peace, in the face of numerous wars around the world which his fingerprints are all over in every possible respect. While the man preaches and ran on an agenda of peace, the results are clearly opposite of what he did during his terms. We cannot be rid of this man soon enough.

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