The U.S. reported 38,000 new jobs in May compared to the 162,000 expected. Do you think we are headed into a recession?

  • Yes, it remains difficult to find a good job in the United States.

    Not only does the data support the notion that the United States is quickly sinking into yet another recession, but anecdotal evidence does as well. Most people know many people who are struggling to find steady work if they are not job insecure themselves. While Obama implemented some help for working Americans, much more needs to be done on a Roosevelt scale to help more people.

  • Yes, the lack of job growth in the U.S. indicates a recession

    It was recently reported that the United States only had 38,000 new jobs in May - a dismal turnout compared to the projections of as many as 162,000 new jobs. I believe that this lack of job growth is a sign of an impending recession: fewer new jobs indicates a stagnating economy.

  • Probably just a slow time

    I don't think a recession is coming. The economy has come a long way in its recovery, and I think we are still headed in the right direction. I think the lower than expected jobs created can simply be attributed to a temporary slump, and will turn around in the near future.

  • No, recession doesnt seem plausible in the near future.

    No, the United States isn't clearly headed toward the recession. With the recent statistics such as this one detailing job growth and stock market data, the position that the American Government will hold in the upcoming years does not justify popular doubt for its financial situation. The enormous debt of the nation still looms over every major business, but the progress towards settling that debt is still reasonably secure.

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