The U.S. talks to Iran: Should we talk to Iran about the situation in Iraq?

  • Yes, a common goal could ease tensions between our two countries.

    Yes, we should speak to Iran about the current situation in Iraq. It could open dialogue between our countries. This could prove beneficial in negations over their questionable nuclear program. This would also show that the U.S. is showing faith in other countries of the region. It would be better to have the people of the region take a key role in what happens in the region.

  • Yes We Should

    Iran has shown interest in trying to help with the situation in Iraq. Iraq is a neighbor to Iran and if they can get along amicably and help each other then the United States should allow this to happen. Peace will be more likely if Iraq is helped by it's neighbors.

  • A matter that is important to everyone

    This is a matter that is important to everyone, so we should talk to as many people as we can about the problem. Whether it will do any good to talk to them is another matter. However, we should talk to any other country that is willing to listen about the problem .They might be able to help provide a solution.

  • They don't want to help.

    No, we should not talk to Iran about the situation in Iraq, because it is clear that Iran is looking out for their own interests. With as much as Iran wants to harm the United States, we should not literally work with our enemy on trying to help another country. Iraq is still more free than Iran, and we should work with Iraq directly.

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