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  • He has a wig

    Donald trump is racist and mean cuz lik he so old he do not kno what he doin.Al so he do not like mexs do you know mex cuz i du.So agree with me or i will kil my self ha ha ha ha ha not funny ha ha ha ha ha

  • Donald Trump is bigoted and misogynistic, our country will be in danger if he is elected.

    Donald Trump has become a big issue, especially due to the approaching elections. I'd like to bring up the definition of "demagogue": a person who uses prejudice to gain political support. This is exactly what Trump is. Not only does he use prejudice against Latinx people and black people, but also against women and disabled people. Donald even went so far as to mock a disabled reporter (and on Thanksgiving, no less). He taunted Megyn Kelly (who I personally do not agree with, but this doesn't excuse Trump's bigotry) because she was a woman, saying she was on her period and dismissing serious women's rights issues and health issues. He wants to ban Muslims, which is clearly against the Constitution's protection of freedom of religion. His supporters viciously beat a BLM (Black Lives Matter) protester while he cheered on, and kicked out a Muslim woman peacefully protesting (even wearing a shirt saying "Salaam, I come in peace") -- another constitutional violation. In addition, instead of putting out money and resources to good use, he only wants to build a wall instead of working out peaceful solutions.

    Posted by: Luma

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