The UN should increase humanitarian aid to poor nations: Is humanitarian aid for the poor economically sound?

  • Yes, a very small amont of aid is provided to poor nations.

    Aiding poor nations should be one of the highest priorities of the UN, but the aid must be strategic. The UN should distribute aid directly to ensure it reaches the people. It should also provide citizens with the means to support themselves, by offering jobs or helping them sell goods and services.

  • To give poor people money is definitely sound, both nationally and internationally

    Poor people spend their money on needed goods and services, which is why giving money to poor people has a good effect on the economy, due to the multiplier effect. Furthermore, humanitarian aid can take many forms; it is true that simply giving food to people can cause them not to plant crops and move towards independence, however giving people microloans in order to start farms and businesses is the type of aid that is needed. Also, banks in rich nations shamefully extract debt payments from poor nations, and for this, reparations are appropriate in many cases. Justice is economically sound as it results in better incentives, rather than incentives to moral hazard.

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