The UN should prioritize poverty over climate change: Can the UN have a greater impact on poverty than climate change?

  • Yes, the un can have greater impact on poverty

    Yes,i completely agree to this because climate cannot be completely controlled by man as there is no such mechanism to do so. But poverty can be eradicated by the UN faster when compared to change in the climate. This is why i believe that the UN will have a greater impact on poverty..

  • Yes, poverty is more pressing.

    Yes, the UN should prioritize poverty over climate change, because poverty is a big problem today, while climate change is still largely in the future. FDR, American president, believed it was important to focus on the present, because for people who are starving there is no tomorrow. The United Nations should have the same priorities.

  • Yes, The UN could have a greater impact on poverty then climate change

    Poverty is a much more pressing problem then climate change. There are over 800 million people worldwide that don't have enough to eat and most of them live in developing countries. The UN should focus more on aiding those countries because that is where their efforts could do the most good.

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