The UN should prioritize poverty over climate change: Does Western media pay too little attention to poverty vs. climate change?

  • Poverty is More Important Than Climate Change

    Most people in the Western world place great importance on being environmentally friendly and living "green." If they focused half of these financial efforts on poverty, the world's poverty would be significantly reduced. Unfortunately, however, too many people place more effort on clean air than they do on maintaining human life and dignity.

  • Yes, Western media largely ignores poverty.

    Poverty is depressing and uncomfortable to see. It is often uncomfortably wrapped up with cultural biases and politics, and it seems that most people would prefer to ignore it. Western media focuses very little attention on world poverty (or even domestic poverty) issues. It is only by highlighting poverty that people become aware and seek to do something about it. Unfortunately, it does not make for very good ratings, so we sweep it under the rug.

  • Poverty vs Climate change

    The media does put to much emphasis on the climate change and you never hear anything about poverty. Poverty should be the number one out there for the media but it's not, it's like they think if they don't discuss it in the media it will then go away and it doesn't go away, it is still there but nobody is aware of it. And yet we hear about the climate change through the media every day.

  • Climate change Wiwill mostly affect the poor

    Billions of aid did not alleviate poverty. Lets fix a problem that we can, and that will benefit the poor most.The new ways of working and technology required to tackle climate change will benefit us all. Also, we just passed 400 ppm of co2 world wide, so we cannot afford to put action on climate change on hold.

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