The UN should prioritize poverty over climate change: Should the UN forbid solutions that worsen poverty?

  • Yes, But There are Many Ways to Fight Poverty

    It is certainly possible to fight poverty and fight climate
    change at the same time. Jobs cleaning up pollution can feed a family as well
    as jobs that create pollution do. Factories that make bicycles, energy saving
    light bulbs or efficient insulation must hire workers, just as factories that
    make oversized cars, halogen lights and coal burning stoves do. The idea that
    we can have fewer pollutants or more jobs but not both is false. Modernized
    industries can actually decrease pollution, and modern jobs can be good for the
    world as well as for the economy.

  • The UN should not forbid solutions that worsen poverty because the environment is of the highest importance.

    Instead of prioritizing poverty over climate change, the U.S. And other developing nations should gear their international aid toward helping developing nations industrialize in a more environmentally friendly way. If every nation industrializes the way that the U.S. And Europe did, this planet simply will not survive. However, by helping these nations develop responsibly, we don't have to choose poverty over climate change. We can help remedy both. I don't believe that we necessarily have to choose one or the other.

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