The UN should prioritize poverty over climate change: Which is the greater crisis, poverty (yes) or climate change (no)?

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  • climate change is time sensitive.

    While poverty is a very serious problem and definitely deserves effort put into solving it, climate change is a more immediate and crucial crisis. If climate change is not taken seriously and a solution to dealing with it is not developed, then the future of the human race is in jeopardy. Poverty, while it affects all of us in some way, is not so much a threat to the existence of the human race as it is to the overall quality of life we will all have if it continues to grows.

  • Without the Environment, We Have No Future

    While poverty is a great issue in this world; remedying it would take millions, if not billions of money from many nations; possibly sending said nations into debt. Furthermore, it would also call for the creation of new jobs, some of which may be detrimental to the climate. The climate change is affecting everybody already, and if we don't work towards stopping it, poverty may be the least of our problems.

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