The unicorn is Scotland’s national animal. Do national symbols matter?

  • Yes, they are part of a nation's character.

    A national symbol is something that people can rally around. It catches attention and spurs emotion. Our symbols are part of how we communicate who we are as a people. While they may seem to have no practical use, they are valuable in the sense of community they help people have.

  • Yes, national symbols represent countries.

    Yes, nation symbols matter. They help create a cultural icon for the country that people in other countries can think of when they think of those countries. National symbols are something that members of a country can take pride in. They make countries as a whole seem more friendly to others.

  • National symbols are important

    I believe that national symbols are critical because they unite citizens around a common image and therefore a common identity. This makes communities stronger because everyone identifies with the same imagery and what that imagery represents for them as a nation. So yes, I do think that national symbols matter.

  • National symbols aren't important.

    Who is the person who desides that this is our national animal or bird and many more. Everybody likes the thing that they like but if they don't like the thing that is said as nation symbol, obviously disrespects them. They are valuable only when all in the country has the same opinion

  • No, national symbols are not important.

    The unicorn being Scotland's national animal is hilarious. How many people in the world even know their's or countries' national symbols? They are of no importance, except perhaps for ultra patriots who want a terrible tattoo? They are generally outdated symbols that once had meaning but are probably just used as stereotypical images now.

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