The uninsured rate falls 1.4%, but 41 million remain uninsured: Has Obamacare worked?

  • Obamacare works the way it was meant to.

    In any healthare system there will always be a group of individuals who will remain uninsured. That is usually by choice. Obamacare has surpassed several checkpoints that determine whether or not it is working. As the country adapts further to the change of system, the program will only continue to grow.

  • Obamacare Will Always Be A Work In Progress

    You cannot force people to do what they don't want to do. No matter what measures are put in place, Americans won't obtain health insurance if they don't want to. It might seem incremental, but 41 million uninsured is sure better than the 50 million plus uninsured from five years ago.

  • The ACA (Obamacare) is working and should be expanded.

    The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has been very successful within the limited imposed on it by Congress. The fact that 41 million American are still uninsured is a reflection on the fact that Congress will not consider any universal plan that would provided health care coverage for every American regardless of income. This is what is truly needed.

  • It hasn't worked

    It hasn't worked. This is ridiculous. People are still either uninsured or cannot afford insurance. The only difference now is that people are forced to get what they cannot afford. Is that really better? And people are forced to pay for things that they never would normally need to be covered for. If that isn't failure I don't know what is? It is being gutted now anyway. No worries

  • It won't work

    I feel so sorry for my children and grandchildren. They will have to pay for this mess, as will all of you that support it. Maybe we will colonize distant planets and breath free in the far future. Strike that, that would be evil. We can't allow humans to pollute and destroy other planets in the universe. My bad. Y'all just keep on pushing for more government, and keep raising taxes to pay for it. I'm sure it will all be utopia in the end.

  • Obamacare hasn't worked yet.

    Obamacare must be given time to work. Already, the uninsured rate has fallen, and it has been less than a year since the implementation of Obamacare. It will take some time for the full effects of the act to be measured effectively. The real effect of the implementation of Obamacare should be given at least 5 years in order to get an accurate answer to this question.

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