The United States apologized for locking up Japanese Americans. Have we learned nothing?

  • No, America has not learned from the past mistakes

    The internment of the Japanese Americans, the mistreatment of the Native Americans, the killing of the Jews are all part of our human history. The U.S. needs to be reminded of the past mistakes and learn from them. The proposals regarding Muslims is a disturbing return to the mistake of the past and comes as a fearful reaction.

  • The U.S. may have apologized for locking up Japanese Americans citizens, but we learned nothing.

    In discuss the idea of a national Muslim registry members Trump's staff have been quoted saying, "there is precedent for it.” The Trump administration’s national security plans, include the possibility of a registry and preemptive detainment of members of America's Muslim community. So as a country we learned nothing from locking up Japanese Americans citizens during WWII.

  • I agree with this.

    We have actually learned nothing. This is because this is not the first time such an incident has occurred. Though the united States has apologized for locking up Japanese Americans, i believe that this has not been a lesson yet. We ought to be careful when dealing with the law not to mess up.

  • No, we are still making the same mistakes

    No, we are still making the same mistakes. This type of behavior never changes, only people we perceive as enemies change. Before it was Japanese, now they are Muslims. As long as we are oppressed by this inhuman system which turns people against each other, there will always be concentration camps in some form.

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