The United States ought to promote democracy in the Middle East.

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  • Democracy should be promoted in every country.

    It appears that there are some who take democracy for granted, who do not realize the gift of having a say in how they are ruled and controlled by their government. This, even though citizens of oppressive regimes worldwide (such as Syria or North Korea) are losing their lives to attain it. Democracy isn't perfect, of course. But of all systems of government it is probably the only one that can ensure that the will of the people is respected and not trampled upon.

    I suspect people are confusing democracy with, say, capitalism. The majority of ruling governments are democratic in some form, even if the democracy is flawed (e.G. Russia or China). An example of an undemocratic country is Saudi Arabia, which is an absolute monarchy. Saudi Arabia is the country where women cannot drive.

    One detractor brings up the fact that the U.S. suffers from internal hemorrhages, and so its system of government is not one to aspire to. But we citizens know that things will eventually get better, even if it might take some time. This improvement is only possible because we can write or phone our local officials and tell them that we want change; because we can kick our president out of office if he's done something bad. It would not be possible in Saudi Arabia.

    Democracy should be promoted in every country, no doubt about it.

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  • We tried. So...

    There are a number of problems with imposing a democracy. These problems can be related to the populous, empirical examples, and culture.

    Starting off with the populous. It helps to understand what a democracy is. A democracy is of the people, for the people, by the people. When you look at a country, it helps to understand the people. If we impose a democracy, it means we are forcing people to choose, against their will. Yeah, a bit ironic in nature. If a people never liked a democracy, or are very religious and rule as a theocracy, they will simply vote for someone who will represent the old "regime" rather than a new, "democratic" regime. The only thing it does is force something down their throats, against their wills, and based off of ideals and values they may not support. It can only bring resentment.

    Empirically, almost every example of democracy promotion has failed. To assume it works is silly. Of 30 countries we tried to make a democracy only 1 country actually succeeded in a "smooth" transfer. I think the Arab spring is one of the best examples of this. Despite high ideals and hopes, the transfer turned to turmoil. It was a violent transfer.

    Culturally, we have come to believe that our democracy must be exported by force. We assume that people who despise democracy are either idiotic, or tyrannical. We are appalled by rights violations done by other nations, despite approving very few, if any, human rights resolutions. We have this relation of superiority, without realizing the effect this air can have. We, a nation who used to support manifest destiny, rarely realize how those remnants percolate today. At what point are we going to realize that we are not the "saviors" of the crying masses "oppressed by tyrannical governments." Do we not realize how hypocritical this view is? We come in and tell a country they are inferior and wrong, we are right and superior. Obey, or we return with force. This sort of behavior does not breed friendship, but antagonisms. Why would a people be friendly to a democracy shoved down their necks, to a nation which will even rig, or delegitimize democratic elections if it leads to an undesirable result. We will delegitimize democracy to meet our own ends.

    So-called democracy.

  • Why? Because its working so well for us?

    If we try to spread our system of government anywhere it is for the sake of making money, not for the betterment of society. It does not even work for us as well as we pretend it does. The U.S. is not the greatest nor the most free nation in the world. We are behind in education. We have one of the highest unemployment rates and in prison rates per capita. Our poverty and homeless rates are no small matter. What is so great about the U.S. that everyone should follow our example? We are one of the last nations to end legalized slavery. We have all kinds of oppressive laws still in effect. Anyone who still believes the U.S. is the greatest country in the world believes the propaganda way too much. Our system of Democracy is not going to help anyone, especially when they are accustomed to very different systems. Imposing our will on anyone else is just as tyrannical as the Governments we would be trying to oust.

  • It's not a fit

    Our involvement in the Middle East over these past few decades have brought nothing but strife to these countries. The cultures of this area are very different to our own and that of Europe. Most of what has been done is in the interest of a global economy not genocide prevention. Many innocent lives have been lost on both sides

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