The United States should become an Empire. A strong dictatorship could help the world, as long as everyone kept their rights.

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  • Let's have an empire!

    The united states needs to have an empire, or at least some form of dictatorship. Presidents now can only do so much and most of what they acomplish becomes void as soon as the next president gets voted in. If we want to establish peace on earth, the U.S. would need to become an empire. Some rights would be taken away but the majority would stay, and hunger, disease, and many other issues could be stoped. If America became an empire, the world would be a better place.

  • Absolutely a Benefit.

    Most people have been brain-washed into the anti-autocratic way of thinking and do not realize the quick and effective decision making that dictators can offer. Most people will cite Hitler and Stalin ad nauseam in attempting to prove a valid point about the evils of dictators without even mentioning Napoleon, Louis XIV, Simon Bolivar, Oliver Cromwell, Francisco Franco, The Caesarian lineage, or any ONE of the great, successful, beneficial, and non-tyrannical kings and dictators that have lived throughout the millennium. As long as the people are wise enough to defend themselves against ANY form of government that seems tyrannical, there can be no evil beyond strife. America would benefit greatly from a constitutional dictatorship as evident in the slow decision making happening right now in Washington D.C. And the lack of action being taken in the country.

  • An Empire to last forever

    An American empire would truly be a force of unity and of power giving the US unrelenting resolve and purpose once again to accomplish many tasks, goals, and aspirations currently hindered by the INCREDIBLY romanticized idea of democracy and a republic which has done nothing but sow division and limit our progress as a nation with its endless debates and bureaucratic nonsense. Its time to form the Free American Empire!

  • Yes it should

    Try to use your time to take into consideration how an empire could benefit the U.S by coming to your own conclusions. I'll explain My reasons: It could Give us the ability to Receive a much smarter leaders Instead of People with deep pockets and small brains. (Looking at you trump)

  • Yes it should

    Try to use your time to take into consideration how an empire could benefit the U.S by coming to your own conclusions. I'll explain My reasons: It could Give us the ability to Receive a much smarter leaders Instead of People with deep pockets and small brains. (Looking at you trump)

  • Degeneracy, Reign Me No More

    I hope to see a strong government that stands against backwards social trends and feelings-based politics. The actors need to be struck down from the upper echelons of government and replaced with leaders and capable men. I stand firmly in the belief that an empire will remain as the best form of strong, sturdy, correctly guided government. The rear end of society shall no longer be my overlord. Long live the empires. Long live true freedom and small business. Long live the strong morals which shall forever be our guide.

  • The U.S needs a strong dictator

    The united states should have an absolute dictator because you don't need to put up with the squabbles of the senate, and if the dictator gets out of line, that's what the second amendment is for. Every dictator should be appointed by a meeting of all the governors, and have absolute power, except over the press, guns, and free speech.

  • Yes but a benevolent one

    The two party system is a failure. While most of America falls in the middle taking values of both, the extremists of both are vying for control to implement their own agendas both of which step on the rights and freedoms of the individual. It is simply inefficient and will eventually fall into an autocracy just like the Roman Empire did as America easily mirrors the Roman Republic just before the arrival of Gaius Julius Caesar with all its decay, corruption, focus on material wealth, and use of bread and circuses in the form of Major league sports, Hollywood and welfare. Its not a matter of if, just when and who is our "Caesar".

  • Perhaps not a dictatorship but we are week and allow nations to step on us unless it helps the politicians stay rich

    A united nation that takes nothing from foreign enemies and will not back down from supporting allies (Ukraine incident), and look at what we are becoming as a nation this isn't the old america we've already given up more and more freedoms so why not put as central figure head that of course will have their power put in check but can also be given power to do what is necessary, whether the event be foreign or domestic. An empire is needed using the same form of diplomacy as Roosevelt, speak softly and carry a big stick....And before you bring it up our political system has stopped listening to us and it does anything it can to trick us into staying in power

  • Imperialist and proud of it

    I think that America should become an honest to god imperialist power, not only for our own good, but so other nations could follow our example, and the great former empires could rise again. The Russian empire, the German empire, the Japanese empire, you name it. As long as France didn't get in on it. We should conquer France.

  • Power turns people corrupt

    Giving too much power to a single individual would make him/her too corrupt. Even if we do have our rights he would take unfair cuts of taxes and all the other jazz that dictators often do. Presidents do not do things like this currently because they rely on the people to vote them in. If they do stuff that is unpopular then they will not get voted in again next term.

  • As an American, I disagree

    Despite the flaws of the United States, our greatest strengths lie in the historical phenomenon of individual freedom. The success of this country is entirely predicated on the fact that we accept and have accepted people from countries that may or may not have offered personal freedom for the individual.

    The continued success of this country must reside not in a restriction, but an exemplification of personal freedom. Further, the historical context of empire and dictatorship proves certain things. First, that the individual within a society cannot reach his or her full and entire potential within a society that uses coercion and conformity to control the population. Second, that society as a whole cannot reap the sweeping benefits of free intellectual thought within a collective, creative realm, because such things are censored within a tyrannical society. Third, it is impossible within a global context to become an empire without infringing on the rights of other nations. As a nation, there is no positive benefit for the individual or collective to oppress others or ourselves.

    In conclusion, the US is in many ways a hegemony, however this status is changing. As individuals, a society and a global population, we should work toward a free exchange of ideas and resources without violence, simply because it is the most globally advantageous way of existence.

  • Dictatorship does not accept critics.

    In a democratic society, the process of decision making is slow because it needs to be dialectic. This method ensures that the idea extracted from the debate is the best possible within the context, which results in good impacts for the society. However, this process does not occur in a dictatorship, which results in poorly made decisions that would harm the present society.

  • No thank you.

    The USA already is an empire of sorts. Should we become a dictatorship though? Heck no! Like 64bit said, we are close enough to fascism as it is. While I do agree that the best form of government is a benevolent dictator, the problem with that is that the moment the good leader is out of office, you can end up with a complete monster. History has proven this to be true.

  • "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power" - A. Lincoln

    You need to read some history. The easy one is Nazi Germany, which went majorly sideways around five years in...But also, look at North Korea right now. The only thing keeping the U.S. gov't from becoming like that is the constitution. Seriously. I mean, we are a breath away from fascism as it is.

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