• It's just a bunch of lifeless rocks, gas and if we're lucky water!!! Prime Time TV is a lot more creative

    Science should abandoned it's cosmology field. What a waste of time and money. So what, we made it to the moon and Mars, big deal. What happened? Did we discover another civilization? NO! We've got wars, famine and destruction here on Earth and we are wasting billions of dollars on the cosmos? What a crock of s**t. Seriously, what's so interesting about outer space? Nothing. Star Wars is more interesting. Fiction is always more entertaining than reality. The only reason people care about the outer galaxy is because we are hoping to find aliens. No one cares about lifeless pluto. The thing is, what would happen if we did find aliens? They'll be like "wow, you mastered intergalactic travel, can we come visit your planet?" "no, err... Can you come around later, it's a bit of a mess". Human's are friggin' dumb. Cosmology is a waste of time. All these brainiac scientists should be figuring out what's wrong with the global economy, why do we owe trillions of dollars to ourselves.

  • It's mostly unremarkable.

    Space consists of boring rocks, unremarkable stars, bland gas giants and uninteresting vacuum. There may be one in a billion chance to find something of interest, but it's mostly boring. And, as far as we know, lifeless. Doesn't mean we should abandon the quest for finding out more about it. For science, you know.
    And I have to disappoint you: real photos of space are boring. The ones you see are mostly works of either artists or photoeditors. Have fun browsing Curiosity mission reports!

    Posted by: dhal
  • Es ist in Ordnung , vielleicht überreagiert , um Ihre Worte . Es tut mir leid

    Es ist in Ordnung , vielleicht überreagiert , um Ihre Worte .

    Es tut mir leidEs ist in Ordnung , vielleicht überreagiert , um Ihre Worte .
    Es ist in Ordnung , vielleicht überreagiert , um Ihre Worte .

    Es tut mir leid
    Es tut mir leid Es ist in Ordnung , vielleicht überreagiert , um Ihre Worte .

    Es tut mir leid

  • Ok Astronomy is the most important science in the world

    You see, if there's no Astronomy, there will be no sun, planets and everything, there will be not biology, chemistry and let alone physics, so Astronomy is the most important science in the world, the universe is big, so we still have to travel, find new stars and its planets, find life and hopefully alien intelligent species, so I guarantee that 100% the universe is a interesting thing to learn and know.

  • This is Disgraceful.

    Exploration has been a key part of the human element for as long as we have existed. To remove that and just abandon hope of discovering new and beautiful things out there would be to change the meaning of being human. You know, I bet in the 1400's there were people like you; people who said "Why explore over the ocean, it's just a boring expanse of water, I bet we have no chance of finding anything there." Grow a sense of adventure, you forget what has enabled us to earn all those trillions of dollars n the first place.

  • We know almost nothing of the universe

    We have never visited any other planet, so how can we say that it is not interesting. Humanity should spread across the galaxy, colonise new planets, gather resources from there... Travel, explore, discover new lifeforms, new resources, new technologies. There is nothing left to explore and discover on Earth, nothing holds us here

  • To those who voted "Yes", have you watched anything about space?

    The pictures taken from space are stunning, and looking at just the sheer scale of it is very humbling. What more can I say? I need to fill the 50 words, so....

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Craighawley215 says2015-08-07T17:56:27.157
Troy_the_Destroyer, please tell me this is a poor attempt at trolling.