• The US government is too large; as a result, freedom as envisioned by the founders is disappearing.

    The US government is getting too big to succeed; because of that, and many other actions taken by the geovernment and ourselves, past and present, the USA is failing as a nation.
    First off, with all these "entitlement" programs such as Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act, the government cannot afford to spend on the other things that this nation needs to survive, and thusly, the government will fail. We need to either get rid of these programs or at the very least, reduce them to a manageable state, such as setting requirements for eligibility for these programs and other such things.
    Secondly, our goverment is in gross violation of the Constitution. As evidenced by recent headlines, such as the unnecessary debate over the 2nd Amendment, our government is having trouble understanding the basic language of the Constitution. As such, we the people need to reassert our sovereign power over the government; that is, we need to remind the government that we the people are the source of the government's powers, not the other way around.
    Finally, we need to reconsider our national agenda and priorities. We need to take responsibility for our actions as individuals and to not let the government become our mother/father figure. With that, I end my opinion statement. Thank you for reading this.

  • There's no such thing as a free lunch

    The money to fund each program has to come from somewhere. Maybe people think that taxing the rich is the answer to this problem, but it honestly isn't. The answer is a government entitlement reform. Social Security is completely unsustainable. People are living longer and more and more people are relying on government money to help them live in their retirement years.

    Anybody who says that having more government ensures we keep our rights and freedoms has never read the Constitution or cracked a history book. The British reign was HUGE. We wanted independence for a reason. The more and more government regulations there are, the fewer rights you have. That's a simple fact.

  • When the Government gets bigger, the Individual gets smaller

    The bigger the government gets, the more industries it regulates, and we all know how well that worked out in 2008 with the housing market when gov't used Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac and regulations to create and pop a housing bubble. Also, functional societies rely on individuals stepping up to help their fellow man of the own free will. If they don't do so or are forced to do so, eventually the society will fall apart.

  • The growth of government is unsustainable.

    Entitlement programs (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid) consume more and more of our expenditures every year and are crowding out all other discretionary spending (defense, foreign aid, education etc.). We already spend much more than we pay for in taxes (deficit spending). Our economy simply can't sustain the cost of the entitlement programs we have in place right now. We have to be more realistic about what we can afford to commit to and how much taxation our country can endure and still remain prosperous.

  • A government can never be too big

    I think that many social service programs are fine. It helps people live a nice life and my vision of a Utopia is where the government is very big. But, the U.S government spends WAY too much money on the military and other programs that hurt people instead of help. If they want a big government, they need to spend most of the budget on social programs.

  • Its just not

    If the U.S government was smaller we would have less power in the government and we could be attacked by north Korea or something like that. Also our rights would not be greatly protected and we could fall into a dictatorship. People need to understand that this is a great country and we cant let anything happen to it!

  • I need thier support

    I need to be taken care of and the government forces you to do that. Be kind to me I need my stuff and you should pay for it. It is my right to have my food and housing paid for by someone else that works. I do not want to work.

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