• The government/legal system have better things to do than harass people.

    The belief that the government will harass random citizens without a double jeopardy law is ridiculous. The legal system is backlogged enough as it is, why would judges allow some personal/political vendetta to clog up the system even more?

    Quite recently in Canada, one of our Supreme Court justices handed a clearly guilty rapist an innocent verdict. I say the rapist was clearly guilty because the JUSTICE blatantly told the victim, "if you didn't want to be penetrated, you should have kept your legs shut." Meaning the justice knew there had been sexual contact, but blamed the victim for the crime. Canada doesn't have double jeopardy, so thankfully the case is now reopened under a different justice and the innocent verdict redacted.

    I read an article outlining several instances of murderers and other violent criminals admitting to their crimes on courthouse steps after being declared innocent. Those people were untouchable for that particular crime after the innocent verdict.

    Not to mention, incriminating evidence may be discovered after an innocent verdict. A system that allows for the possibility of a clearly guilty individual to walk free because one judge declared them innocent based off of incomplete evidence or a personal bias, is ludicrous.

  • The Law Against Double Jeopardy Protects Us Against Tyranny

    If double jeopardy is allowed prosecutors can use it to go after political opponents or to settle a personal score. They would just keep bringing charges until they get the conviction they want. Rights against double jeopardy protects against this. There is a reason double jeopardy is prohibited in the Constitution. This was a tool the British used to intimidate and silence the opposition.

  • A Higher Chance of Falsely Accused

    Now, why should an innocent man or woman, have to go to court again and again and again, when the judge/or/jury has concluded them innocent! I see no point in abolishing this law unless someone [The Accused] desires another trial. This would also increase chances for actual innocent defendants to be jailed for crimes they have not committed!

  • Again and Again

    A person who is innocent needs to come to the court every time they are accused of something. The law prevents that it is stated on the 5th Amendment of Constitution. People will get irritated if this law is abolished. This law should not be abolished and it should remain.

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