The US should discontinue the ban on homosexuals donating blood.

Asked by: dunnmifflsys
  • I hope this is a joke...?

    How would you police this? How could a donation clinic prove that someone is gay and therefore shouldn't donate blood? If it is true, then yes, it should stop immediately. The risk of pathogens is the same as heterosexuals because of all the rigorous testing blood donations go through nowadays. Blood is too precious to waste it by saying it can't be used because the donor is a homosexual.

  • Yes but not entirely convinced.

    I have to admit I did not even know this was real until about 10 minutes ago. Whole on its face it seems like bigotry or a left over from a time when medical science understood much less about HIV/AIDs virus and its spread. I found out that it isn't just the united states that has this policy. Other nations with reputations for being less prone to prejudices have this policy as well. This leaves me open to the idea that there maybe an actual medical reason for such a policy and its not just what it appears to be on its face.

  • Dramatically higher risk for AIDS

    We need to be completely certain that blood given to patients is completely safe. Because homosexuals have vastly higher rates of HIV/AIDS than heterosexuals, it is reasonable to take blood donations only from heterosexuals.

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