• There are better ways to discipline children

    Should we stand by the famous Bible teaching" Spare the rod and spoil the child", I believe the "rod" used here refers to the many means of disciplinary measures to take other than canes.
    These canes, We should take note, Rather prevents the child from growing up normally. They become should I say "stiffed-standard-living" people due to how they were brought up.

  • Thwack Thwack Thwack!

    On a purpose built frame, Padded, Let's keep it comfortable, But restrained. Drop or lift but keep that thin layer for a modicum of both protection and modesty for sure. Only to be carried out by fully trained and selected dominatrices. Lets be honest Sir just doesn't look right in fishnets and studded leather basque. Adjoining quiet room for post operative vaseline massage, Once again a fully trained and physically appropriate operative is mandatory, That pseudo nurses outfit is very short and tight when all is said and done.
    The older the recipient and we must obviously take into account any acquired predilections. Modern standards require a broad range of correctional approaches. Vaseline a go go and those slippery fingers can get everywhere and therefore post-op practitioners must be appropriate just in case things move up a notch. The intensity of the situation obviously demands perfection, The overwhelming rapture of correction/pleasure must be played out to the full.
    Nun's are surely the best at this, Those horny bitches and when Father opens up that grease smeared cassock you know that heaven is a reality. Those explosive, Sticky, Throbbing moments of heavenly bliss.
    Who needs Maths and Science with all this on the curriculum?

  • No It Should Not

    No, I don't think that the cane should be abolished in a school setting. Forget all of this legal crap about child abuse and other @%$# like that. Children need to learn some discipline and the cane is one of the most practical ways to do it. However, Before anyone accuses me of being a "child-beater", I do think that schools should send forms of consent to parents asking whether or not they want their children to be disciplined in that way at school. That way all students, And/or their parents, Can choose what they want to happen. But it would be wrong both if all children were forced to have the cane used on them, Or if the cane was abolished from school. This is one instance where people have the right to choose.

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