The use of propranolol in dampening a person's memory: Does the use of Propranolol affect others?

  • Yes. Propranolol can negatively affect others.

    Yes. Although propranolol is currently a viable treatment for post traumatic stress disorder, the memory dampening effects of this drug has the potential to negatively effect the loved ones of the person taking the medication. A person's memory is part of what makes them who they are. Even traumatic events in one's life can shape and mold that person for the better. We need to be careful what we want to forget.

  • Propranolol just may in fact affect others; indirectly, of course.

    The use of Propranolol is a very common, yet controversial subject. Many people arent sure what half of this medical jargon is. However; this has been used to treat anxiety, panic, and hypertension. Though, there are underlying side affects that may occur such as Diabetes. This may affect others in more negative ways that positive. Caring for that individual gets harder, and more strenuous at times, but it may affect them positively as well. Those who have had traumatic experiences with PTSD may receive Propranolol as a way to negate those memories, which in turn may make caring for that individual easier on their caregiver.

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