• The Right Artist Won

    Talents were rightfully accredited to whom ever was the best. Although everyone on that stage was talented, there can only be one winner The opinion may have been biased due to the fact that only a few people get to gather up their opinion on who is the best, but they analyzed their options and chose who they thought was the best. They were great a great artist all in all.

  • And The Voice Season 9 Winner Is...

    From the beginning of the show, Jordan Smith impressed the judges, viewers and fellow competitors. There was no doubt in anyone's minds that he was a rare talent and would go very far in the competition. Week after week he continued to improve and impress everyone who heard him. The right person definitely won.

  • We all have opinions

    There is no doubt that competing on a show like The Voice is staged to a certain degree but in the end, folks have to have talent. Maybe someone that is more talented than their competitors just had a bad performance or they were sick. This could easily cost them a win and many fans would be upset. Overall, I think the correct person won. Might not have been my favorite but it is a competition.

  • Money wins over Talent

    I think now a days, all these reality shows have become commercial and business oriented programs rather than talent shows. There is very clear indication that pure talent will not prevail if they dont have connections and know how to please the judges or producers. Very rarely I think the best talent wins. Its mostly commercialised. Very sad.

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