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  • Is this a joke?

    Oh yeah, like everyone in Germany hate jews...Idiot...I come from a country where my race was abused and treated horribly and I'm not asking for a crap ton of money (though it would be nice)
    I mean come on, no one from those ages are even alive anymore. It doesn't affect anything,

    Posted by: J5
  • No its over

    Germany paid for it with the blood of most people associated with Nazis. I can't understand why when a war is over the winner needs to pay the loser. Germany lost enough money and was black balled for a long time by the international community. They shouldn't have to be paying jewish people 70 years later.

  • The Jews Should Not Recieve Reparitions

    Auschwitz should not pay reparations to the Jews. Very few Jewish people today were alive during the holocaust. They did not suffer because of the past. The holocaust was a bad thing, but reparations should not be paid. That would be like America paying reparations to the black people today for their ancestors being slaves or to the native Americans for exterminating them and making them walk the trail of tears. Many bad things in history have happened. Having to pay for past mistakes in history would break any government.

  • No, Germany should not pay the Jews reparations.

    Whether in reference to Jews or African-Americans, the question of reparations is a complex one and one fraught with peril. To begin with, the argument that subsequent generations should be made to pay for earlier generations' crimes is problematic to say the least. That's not even addressing the issue of how exactly financial compensation is supposed to make up for what happened, or the question of who exactly is eligible.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    I think that reparations would just be a way of excusing all the terror that these people were put through. Reparations feels like saying, here's some money, now forget about what we did. I think that nothing can ever been done to repay for these horrible crimes and it would be laughable to try.

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