The Walking Dead finale reveals: Were you satisfied with the way the season ended for The Walking Dead?

  • Walking dead Finale

    The finale was a little confusing, because, it was almost like they were at war all the time nw fighting for shelter, they was back at square one , when the prison got burned down. But it was great to see everyone back together, again and I see that Maggie was found finally. This is a show that can go on forever, because it would be great to see that all the Zombies die of hunger and then they can start a life all over again after the zombie Apocalypse.

  • It Was Okay

    We have not yet watched all of the episodes for The Walking Dead but we did catch the final episode. I was never much impressed with the show on it's own and I though the finale was just average. I think it was interesting to see where they may be going with it in the future.

  • Yes I was

    Yes I was, but a lot of people were not too happy with the way it had ended for this season but that is how they have to keep us intrigued for the new season which will not be for a while. It was basically what I was expecting to happen.

  • Disatisfying ending to the Walking Dead season

    Unfortunately the end of season finale for the Walking Dead left too many ends that had not been tied up to be satisfactory. The fate of some of the characters was left undecided and there was a lack of excitement in this season's finale episode that was so well done in other season finales.

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