The Walking Dead finale: Will you watch syndicated re-runs of The Walking Dead?

  • Yes, I would watch syndicated re-runs of The Walking Dead.

    Over time I believe that while you remember the major plot of show you forget some of the smaller details or events that happen during a series, so after some time has passed I would watch re-runs of the show to remind myself of all the things I may have missed on the initial viewing.

  • Yes, syndicated re-runs are an integral part of my viewing experience.

    Yes, there are no reasons not to watch syndicated re-runs of any shows. I feel that many people can learn more about their favorite shows by watching episodes they have already seen over again. This can cause viewers to notice details that were missed in the first viewing. I plan on watching the finale of The Walking Dead at least once more to get a better idea of where the plot could be going.

  • No I don't like it

    I started watching season one of The Walking Dead and I just didn't buy it. This series is just not believable and I think that it is poorly produced and even more, really poorly directed. I think that this is one of the worst shows in TV history and I don't understand its hight rating.

  • A decent show but I probably won't watch re-runs.

    I've watched every episode of the Walking Dead ever since it started. It's a decent show, but not necessarily one I would watch over and over again. I may re-watch the whole series again on Netflix or something far in the future, but I don't really see myself watching random sydicated episodes. It's hard to get much out of a single episode without watching all of the others.

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