The Weekend: Is "Starboy" the best song on the the Weekend's new album?

  • I think so

    It's certainly getting a lot of airplay. The Daft Punk sample is really catchy and 'Starboy' is pretty popular, plus people are going crazy with all of the theories about the images in the video. His other songs are good, but I'm not sure they'll take off like this one has.

  • Yes it is.

    Star boy is a unique and catchy song that is going to bring more fans to Vampire Weekend. This new song is garunteed to be a hit and may even revolutionize music as we know it. This new song is possibly the best song that Vampire Weekend has ever written and recorded.

  • It has Star power.

    Starboy is a powerful song. Experts said that it would debut at number one, which is no small feat. Daft Punk is known for their unique tunes, and the effort that they put into their work. This shows with the work they put into Starboy. The music video is also well done and shows a lot of craftsmanship.

  • I think there areother songs that are better.

    Music these days have a little bit more to be desired. However I have not heard this particular song. It might actually be good. Even despite the quality of this particular song its very possible that there are songs and music out there that is much better than that particular song. Even in The Weekend'sown repertoire.

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