The West should invade Syria and Iraq to destroy ISIS

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  • Syria and Iraq can't be solved by western soldiers

    We cannot kill our way our of this war. We need to go after the root causes of people joining ISIS. The war, in fact, is benefiting ISIS. They are pulling us, the west, into the heartland of the Muslim world for recruiting opportunities. Their troops dream of one thing, which is a return of American soldiers to their land to fulfill the prophecy in parts of the Koran that calls for a battle against an infidel army to the end of time. In fact, they believe that the US invading would unite their forces, provide recruiting opportunities, and let them kill many Americans. A German journalist, Jurgen Todenhofer, who visited ISIS's realm stated, " They want to provoke the Americans into putting boots on the ground. That is their dream.” Giving into ISIS's baiting could provide real dangers and lead to a second Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    Also, in the first war in Iraq, thousands of Americans were dying, killed in frequent IED attacks, booby-trapped alleys, etc. In fact, a 2008 poll showed that 63% of the sample polled felt as though invading Iraq was a mistake. Another poll, led by CNN, showed that 75% of all Americans felt like the war was not worth how much it cost.

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