The White House and the Obama-Ortiz selfie: Is the Obama White House far too controlling of the media?

  • It's the digital age.

    Yes, the Obama White House is far too controlling of the media, because it makes them appear untrustworthy. We live in an age where information is everywhere. Obama needs to let people capture information and events, because that is the age we live in. It is suspect when someone tries to stop the cameras, as Obama has done.

  • The Obama Administration has a history of media control through distortion and intimidation

    The individual case of Ortiz, by itself, isn't a particularly big deal considering how often people are squabbling to make money off of their likeness. The constant barrage of attacks on the media by the Obama Administration has, however, added up to a cumulative case of power abuse with regard to the first amendment rights of the press. With its treatments of leaks and its manipulation of Benghazi facts as two examples, this is definitely no isolated incident with our current leadership.

  • No they aren't

    No they aren't this is about protecting the President and his family. There shouldn't be selfies allowed near the white house or with the President because this is a breach of his personal rights. He isn't getting paid for that photo like Ortiz to be used in Advertising the phone.

  • They are entitled to this

    I think that there cannot be enough control to the media, because what they can do to national security is extremely dangerous. I think that the White House is obligated to protect the president's image, and that they should do everything to empower the people against the media's tyrannical agenda.

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