The word "Feminism" does no longer represent the equality of women. It's more of a male-bashing tool used by male-hating females.

Asked by: its_havoc
  • Feminism means male discrimination.

    I don't think feminism means equality. I do support gender equality, But feminists are bitches. They are just hating males and would prefer if everyone would be female. They are certainly not supporting equality. Long time ago, Feminism actually was good thing when females wanted more rights. But now feminists want to infringe male rights. Let's support equality. Not feminism or any kind of discrimination.

  • Some extreme ones, Do. Egalitarianism is the better word for the equality of everyone.

    Believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.
    "a fairer, More egalitarian society"

    if you're truly for getting equal rights for everyone, You'd be egalitarian rather than feminist. Yes, The original movement has helped people and brought about voting rights for women, However, I think that the movement has become warped by tumblr extremists. And before you ask, Yes i am female.

  • Its about hating men

    The original feminist movement was for legitimate women rights like voting and getting paid to work now its all about faux outrage at whatever the media or celebrities tell them to be offended by. The suffragettes of the early twentieth century are long gone and have been replaced by shrill feminazis.

  • Feminism has become super annoying

    I think at one time feminists had a point, A real good point. Women were mistreated and given little respect. But now it seems you have all these women on the rag screaming and acting like a 6 year old with a skinned knee, They don't want equality they want to be in charge and castrate us, Sorry girls i can't go for that, No can do.

  • FEMINISM, FEMINISM, FEMINISM! "I'm female and I'm talking about feminism, So I must be right".

    More and more females have separated themselves from being labeled a "Feminist". These people have realised that the word "Feminism" no longer defines the equality for woman. Instead, It's being used by male-hating females who only want to sound important. These people do not believe in equality for women, They just want to bury men down. For them, It's not about co-existing harmoniously with both genders having the same advantages as the other. It's more about being more successful than men. It's more about proving that ALL MEN are vile creatures. It's more about shouting "WOMEN RIGHTS" than actually doing anything about it.

  • Feminism is defined in equality.

    Feminism is a philosophy that the two sexes of the human race are fundamentally different, But equal. The individuals who label themselves as feminists are actually misidentifying themselves and set a bad example for what constitutes feminist ideals. These typically leftist arguments are particularly harmful to girls developing how they view themselves in relation to the opposite sex.

  • You're really going to go there, Huh?

    I am an 11 year old female. I think that this question is very stupid. First of all, I don't hate males. I mostly just hate the boys in my class at school. They are super annoying! Only two of them are nice. Second of all, Being feminist means that you are doing your part to help make the world a better place. I'm a feminist and I'm PROUD.

  • Some feminists are extremists. That does not mean feminism roots from the extremists views.

    Feminism is the belief of equality between all genders. Feminism gets a bad rep for the "man hating" extremists who claim they believe in equal rights, But when all they believe in is women being superior. THAT is not feminism. And it is truly heartbreaking that people fear saying they are a feminist, Because many will believe they hate men. EXTREMISTS ARE DIFFERENT THAN FEMINISTS!

  • What feminism means

    "Feminism" by definition is women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. I believe some feminist portray the image of "WOMEN RIGHTS" and "WOMEN ONLY MATTER"; however other feminist (like myself) believe that men and women should be equal and portraying BOTH men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

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